Colors Festival

As spring arrives, folks all over the country throw little bags with powdered paint, in vibrant colors of blue, pink, green, and crimson; people that are colored by the paint are regarded as blessed

The concept would be to celebrate life with color, which symbolises pleasure, and also to show mutual respect and solidarity for people less lucky. “Everybody who colors his skin is prepared to color his life. And a lifetime with color is a joyous life!”

At this brand new festival, life is celebrated with all daring expressions of color, into a soundtrack of all DJs playing music. Each hour throughout the festival, the DJ announces the”color time” and everybody yells their brightly-coloured powder to the atmosphere simultaneously. The result is magnificent, not only visually but due to the psychological effect of getting involved in a tropical event with a massive group of individuals in a lively atmosphere of peace and stability. Every village, however little, has their own, specific celebrations. But which ones should not be missed this season? We have recorded the 13 best occasions of 2019! Are you prepared to celebrate your vacation the Spanish manner?


ColorsTribe Sevilla

ColorsTribe Tenerife

ColorsTribe Mojacar

Festival Of Colors Spain

Come and have fun with us! Good music, good vibes, lots of fun, laughing until your belly hurts, throwing colored powder at the girl next door, SOL, a magical space and atmosphere, a day and night party, a new experience – Festival Of Colors ©

Since 2013 Festival Of Colors © fills Spain with color with the best electronic mainstream music and a different proposal, because it not only offers music to the viewer, it makes it the protagonist of an event full of symbolism and fun that is inspired by a Hindu celebration conceived more than 5,000 years.

Every hour throughout the festival the speaker announces the “color game” which consists of all the participants throwing the “colored powder” into the air at the same moment. The result is not only a spectacular visual effect, but also creates an incredible feeling and atmosphere that you simply have to live.

The visual spectacle is guaranteed, as is good music. The festival has the most representative djs of the current music scene.

Do not think about it anymore, you have no excuses! Prepare your white clothes and sunglasses because there is a rain forecast of colors throughout Spain!